Aqualandia: A Water Park for All

Aqualandia: A Water Park for All



Aqualandia: A Water Park for All

By Communications Department

Did you know that at our water park we have three different routes for you to be able to find exactly what you came looking for?

On our premises, we have attractions for all ages – from the youngest to the oldest, everyone can enjoy a day of unforgettable fun. Still, because not all of us have fun in the same way and because what for some can be an absolutely extreme ride for others is only an appetizer, we have three different routes to go around the park.  Thus, no matter what your taste is or who the people you visit us with are, you will be able to enjoy to the max. There are thousands of possibilities. Do you want to discover them all? Keep reading and we’ll tell you about them:

Family route

You may think that this route is only designed for children but that is not so. It is true that anyone can enjoy being surrounded by water and entertainment on this route and, thus, it is great for families; however, if you prefer to try out our attractions and then relax in this area, certainly, you can do so and say farewell to the park with a bit of relaxation and a whole lot of fun.

On this route, we start with Adventureland – a place designed for kids and perfect to start the day. We will continue down the Amazon, a ride that is calm and relaxing where we can wait for our next surprise. After that, we’ll go to the Black Hole.  Haven’t you ever tried it?  Well, we better not tell you anything – you have to feel the adventure with your own body. We continue towards our Geyser, a perfect attraction for you to relax in a unique environment.  Later, we step into the Grand Jacuzzi Iguazu. For the more daring kids, we can go on the Mini Zig-Zag – the little brother of our most famous attraction. And how does Niagara sound to you? Far, right? Well no, it’s here on hand at our water park – calm waters and waterfalls that will leave you with a wonderful sensation. Should we catch a few waves in our pool? Yes, you’ve heard correctly.  We have a wave pool that you can’t miss. On your mark… get set… go! Now it’s time for our Smooth Slides, on which both the little ones and adults will have a ball. And who doesn’t fancy a few Rapids? Fun and refreshing – you can go down with your family and see who gets to the bottom first. Do you dare go on the Splash? It’s a true water race. And, lastly, our Zig-Zag… you won’t be able to stop going down it.

Friends Route

If you’re coming with a group, this is your route.  On this route, laughter is guaranteed. There are attractions of all kinds: some which are more radical and others which are more moderate so that everyone can spend the day immersed in good vibes. Some of the attractions of the first route overlap with this one, but there are also some more extreme attractions added. How about a visit to our Big Bang? If you come looking for strong sensations you’ll be able to find them on any of the four slides. But if for you this attraction is only a snack and what you really want is a good entrée, get ready because you’ve got it: Verti-Go is here. Don’t expect to find anything similar in other water parks, it doesn’t exist. Unparalleled, unimaginable, absolutely extreme! You can’t miss it.

Extreme Route

Have you come in search of strong emotions? Do you think you’ll be able to face the highest slide in Europe? Do you want to enjoy attractions like you never have before? If what you are looking for are unparalleled emotions and to let off more steam than ever, this route is made for you. Go down our Verti-Go slide at 100 km/h in 3 seconds. It’s no joke – get in the capsule because in 3, 2, 1 there is no turning back. Yeaaah!

As you can see, anyone can have a day to remember at our water park. This coming May 27, we’ll be waiting for you with our doors open!


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