In order to ensure that all the tourists who visit our park every year have a good memory of Aqualandia, it is necessary to take care of even the smallest detail.

For that reason, quality, work and commitment are the three mottos of the services we offer.

Aqualandia has a lifeguard department which has taken a stand as a benchmark for the sector. This department, which is made up of almost one hundred lifeguards who take continuous training and who are carefully selected, looks after every day for the peace and safety of almost 12,000 visitors coming to the park in one typical summer day.

After more than thirty years of professional path, Aqualandia got the maximum recognition of its clients and the travel website Tripadvisor, which granted it the excellence certificate which certifies the quality of its services. Nowadays, the park is an international benchmark in the sector due to its well-maintained facilities and the variety of avant-garde attractions it has. Adjectives such as ‘indispensable’, ‘great’ or ‘good fun’ are the most repeated ones when people talk about our facilities, and cleanliness is the most appreciated quality by our users.

Thanks to the effort and work of all the employees who make Aqualandia possible, the park received many awards which recognize the quality of its services. We have to go back to 1993 to remember the first award received by our park, the Costa Blanca Tourism Award, an award recognizing the touristic management carried out by Aqualandia from its opening.

After that first award, many others came. The following year, the park received the Chamber of Commerce Award, recognizing the important contribution of the water park to the economy and tourism in Alicante.

In 1996 and 2001, we received the Tourist Merit Award, an award granted by the Province Board which recognized the work carried out by Aqualandia in the touristic sector and the promotion of the province of Alicante.

In 1998, we were honoured with the Thompson Gold Award for Excellence, an award that we received again in 2016.

In 2003, the journal Información granted us the Important Información Award, an award which honours people, corporations or entities for their distinguished career and good management.

Finally, in 2010, the City Council of Benidorm, granted us the Important Benidorm Tourism Award, recognizing the work of Aqualandia in the leisure sector of the city.

However, our goal is improving everyday and be committed to innovation. The addition of new attractions is a good example of this, which makes Aqualandia be in the avant-garde of water parks all over the world. And the thing is that our park has become a touristic attraction for the city of Benidorm and a destination where fun is granted. Do you need more reasons to visit us?

We welcome you to one more summer in our facilities!