Aqualandia is not only Europe’s biggest water park, but each year it becomes the largest open air sports centre, as it hosts this “cycling” event. On Saturday 8th June, the water park will once again “get on its bike”, to host the largest gathering of experts in this type of stationary cycling.

The European Cycling Gathering is a master class which brings together leading athletes in the field of outdoor cycling from all over Europe, since Aqualandia is the only water park to host an event of this type.

The event will take place on Saturday 8th June at the Wave Pool. Throughout the day, floats and sunshades will be replaced by over 600 exercise bikes, and under the guidance of international professionals and leading sportsmen and women, they will simply not stop…peddling to the rhythm of the latest musical hits. In such a refreshing setting, as is the case with Aqualandia, these tireless athletes will give us all a lesson in resistance and endurance.

On Saturday 8th June, Aqualandia will go from being the biggest water amusement park to being the sports facility with the largest area devoted to cycling lovers and professionals.