We are the most famous and most visited water park of the Costa Blanca. As you all know, we have attractions for all ages. Today, we’d like to tell you about the kids’ zones at Aqualandia.

Each year, we welcome thousands and thousands of people who want to turn these hot days into days of fun, adrenaline, and –above all– days of refreshing coolness.

The young and old enjoy our park, but we all know that the children are the ones who have the most fun; they never tire of going from one place to another and they want to go on the majority of the rides a thousand times. As children are our most grateful visitors, here at Aqualandia we want to offer them what is best for them… to make their experience even more fun and, above all, to help them avoid any type of problem. At Aqualandia, what we strive for most is the fun and happiness of the little ones!

The water park features a total of eight attractions for children that have been especially built for them so that our youngest visitors enjoy their day to the max. We have possibilities for all types of situations, as our attractions are classified by the child’s height and by their ability to swim or not.

In the first place, the kids will be able to enjoy Adventureland, where their inexhaustible energy will abound with the slides, water guns, pools with balls, kids’ maze, and a wide range of other activities. The Geyser and The Niagara are two more attractions that the little ones can enjoy a lot. In this case, tranquility and relaxation are paramount, as well as having a place to enjoy keeping cool – and an environment where the kids can glide through calm waters along with the rest of the family.

The Wave Pool is one of Aqualandia’s biggest hits with kids.  Fun is guaranteed in this huge swimming pool that has a progressive depth and, best of all, a plethora of waves just like the sea. They’ll never want to get out! The Lagoon is another attraction especially designed for the little ones, especially those who like to play not stop. This attraction includes trampolines, rings, walkways, ziplines, and nets that the kids will have a blast with. An attraction that will undoubtedly put them to the test and which is ideal for those who like to move about and exercise.

Children are also key players in the Grand Jacuzzi Iguazu and the Amazon. Here, they’ll enjoy a soft, circular current – just to take a leisurely ride or have a chat, or to feel the water massage their backs in the Jacuzzi.

And if the little ones are looking for something more in terms of adrenaline and stronger sensations, the Mini Zig-Zag it is an exclusive attraction for them to enjoy as if they were adults.

In addition to all this, Aqualandia offers a variety of services of all types so that the experience of the children in our water park is complete – so that they can have carefree fun in total comfort. Among these services, we must note the first aid services that are able to handle any medical matters as quickly as possible if a problem happens to crop up. The shops for photos and gifts are highly frequented by children – so that they can take a memento or souvenir back home with them from their day at Aqualandia.

The park wouldn’t be complete without a hamburger and pizza restaurant for the kids to recharge their batteries by eating their favorite dishes; but also, for those really prepared parents who like to bring their food from home, there are picnic areas and hammocks where you can eat and relax.

Now you know: we have a lot of attractions and services here at Aqualandia for the little ones. Our park is ideal for small children and also for adults, so don’t delay and come to spend a few magnificent days with us without having to worry about anything and only thinking about having a good time.