The countdown has started to the moment when Europe’s largest water park, with the best, guaranteed fun, opens its doors for another year. Aqualandia opens once again on Saturday 24th May for its 30th non-stop season. This is set to be a very special year for Benidorm’s water complex since, once again, it adds to the excitement with a new attraction: VERTI-GO, the world’s tallest capsule slide.

VERTI-GO is the name of the twin slides, standing at 28 and 33 metres above the ground, respectively. The taller of the two is Europe’s highest standing slide and the world’s highest capsule slide. There are no similar structures in the world with these features, apart from a smaller one, standing at 25 metres, in the USA.

The descent system at VERTI-GO reinforces the impact of the ride, as well as creating all that adrenalin, as it is a true challenge to those who dare take the ride, as access is through an airtight capsule, from which one falls, unwarned, through a trap-door located beneath the feet. The visitor enters the capsule on foot, thuse feeling the full vertical force of the fall. The 66% gradient gives a free fall of more than 100 km in just 3 seconds.

VERTI-GO stands majestically at Aqualandia’s highest point, with an original space dome, which takes the visitor right to the top, since the ride measures 42 metres high.

As well as this great 2014 novelty, visitors to Aqualandia will enjoy another 20 cutting edge rides, such as ZIG-ZAG, BLACK HOLE, WATER SLIDE or RAPIDS, among others.

As an opening offer, on Saturday 24th May, for one day only, the first 100 children to come to Aqualandia will be allowed in completely FREE OF CHARGE. This has now become a tradition at the water complex.