The water park Aqualandia is amongst the top ten ‘things to do’ in the city of Benidorm.

The heat has arrived and we are thinking of things to do to combat the high temperatures that we have these days.  TripAdvisor is responsible for reminding us yet another year that Aqualandia is amongst the ‘Top 10’ in terms of things to do.

The first positions in this classification scheme are held by visits to the Historic Center of Benidorm to get to know the ancient side of the city, its origins as a fishing village, and its most attractive tourist areas. Likewise, there are the Levante and Poniente beaches, places which are preferred by vacationers. Additionally, there is the Castle Square (Plaça del Castell), which later leads you to the Mediterranean Balcony lookout point – a place with breathtaking views of Costa Blanca.

And if we continue on down the ranking, we find Aqualandia. It’s a visit that is more than recommended to cool off and have fun during the warm months. Users who share their experiences through the application have to say the following about the park: ‘A positive experience. Attractions for both children and adults. Clean water. It’s good that there are places with shade for you to lie down in the green grass and to eat without having to go to a restaurant. In conclusion: a different, fun, and exhausting day. The staff members were exceptional with us and we thank the lifeguards for their work!!!’

Through the Aqualandia website, you can plan your visit your way.  Get to know the different routes that cater to all types of visitors to make your day at the park memorable:

There are three routes: the Family Route, for adults and kids who want to have a great day surrounded by water, family fun, and entertainment. The recommended attractions are Adventureland, the Mini Zig-Zag, Splash, Black Hole, and the mythical Rapids, amongst others. The Friends Route, which includes attractions that are more radical and others which are more relaxing so that everyone can spend a day full of laughter and good vibes. Some of the attractions that are recommended for this route are: The Amazon, the Lagoon, and the Wave Pool; likewise, the Smooth Slides, the Rapids, and the new attraction Verti-Go – the highest capsule slide in the world which measures 34 meters in height (preferred by the most adventurous). And finally, there is the Extreme Route – made for those looking for strong emotions. The Big-Bang, the Rapids, Verti-Go, and the Zig- Zag are some of the attractions that are suitable for this type of visitor.

And if you thought that our park only had water, you should know that there are large green areas that create a pleasant climate where you can beat the heat, as well as outdoor picnic areas with natural shade and multiple restaurants.

A perfect plan for leisure that now ranks amongst the ‘Top 10’ in terms of the best plans for Benidorm.