Aqualandia amongst the Best Water Parks of Spain according to TripAdvisor - Entradas y Promociones en Aqualandia Benidorm

Aqualandia amongst the Best Water Parks of Spain according to TripAdvisor

Aqualandia amongst the Best Water Parks of Spain according to TripAdvisor



Aqualandia amongst the Best Water Parks of Spain according to TripAdvisor

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In the summer we think of trips, beautiful beaches, and pools. But there are other leisure alternatives for the whole family: water parks. Aqualandia combines adrenaline, relaxation, and entertainment for all audiences in the same space. We are a leisure alternative that is very well rated and valued by our visitors. Thus, the TripAdvisor travel portal has Aqualandia in the second position in the ranking of favorite water parks in Spain for yet another year.

We would like to thank you because every year there we are, amongst the best rankings. And that is because you write about us, you leave comments and suggestions, and we encourage you to continue to do so, as this helps us to keep on improving and growing.

Every year, the TripAdvisor website awards the “Travelers’ Choice” awards by taking into account the users’ comments during the last 12 months. And for yet another year, you have helped Aqualandia to achieve the second position in the awards, thanks to the adjectives you’ve ranked us with: “a must-see site,” “great,” and “a lot of fun.” The aspects that users most value about us are the cleanliness of the park, the exceptional treatment from members of staff, and the great variety of attractions for both thrill seekers and those who prefer relaxation and fun with the family or in a group of friends.

Visitors can conveniently plan their visit their way through Aqualandia’s website, getting to know the different routes that cater to all types of visitors to make the day at the park as memorable as possible:

There are three routes: The Family Route, for adults and kids who want to have a great day surrounded by water, family fun, and entertainment. The recommended attractions are Adventureland, the Mini Zig-Zag, Splash, Black Hole and the mythical Rapids, amongst others. There is also the Friends Route, which includes attractions that are more radical and others which are more relaxing so that everyone can spend a day full of laughter and good vibes. Some of the attractions that are recommended for this route are: The Amazon, the Lagoon, and the Wave Pool; likewise, there are the Smooth Slides, the Rapids, and the new attraction Verti-Go – the highest capsule slide in the world, which measures 34 meters in height (preferred by the most adventurous).  And, finally, there is the Extreme Route – made for those looking for strong emotions, for adrenaline junkies. The Big-Bang, the Rapids, Verti-Go (with slides measuring 28 and 33 meters), and the Zig-Zag are some of the attractions that are suitable for this type of visitor.

That is not all, Aqualandia is also considered one of the best “things to do” in the city of Benidorm according to internet users, as has already been mentioned in this post. This is thanks to everything that can find you in the park, which not only consists of water attractions.  In fact, we also have extensive green areas, outdoor picnic areas, and a great variety restaurants and food stalls.


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