The heat waves that have been flooding our country for weeks, school holidays, and our work all contribute to making us want to search for plans to relax and, if possible, to cool off. Do you want us to tell you what the best option is for us? Discover Aqualandia’s admission tickets and packages.

Water parks are one of the best alternatives to enjoy your free time and beat the heat.

Aqualandia is a water park for all ages, from the little ones to the adults – everyone will enjoy each one of the attractions that can be found in the park. Thus, as we believe that there are many different ways to enjoy our water park and lots of different people to enjoy with, we have created services tailored to all types of audiences and publics.

On our website you’ll have the opportunity to choose between a great variety of Aqualandia admission ticket types and packages that accommodate all ages and tastes. From the most basic admission ticket, which is for just one day, to admission ticket packages for you and those visiting the park with you, as well as packages that give you the opportunity to visit other area parks like Terra Mítica or Mundomar.

We’re going to begin with the simplest admission tickets, and we want to remind you that all tickets can be purchased at the best price in our online shop. The traditional admission ticket allows you to access the water park for a day and, if you’re short on time, we also offer an “afternoon only” admission ticket. What’s more, one of the best deals for everyone is the Special Weekend Deal because it is valid for Saturday and Sunday, which are the days when we receive the most visitors and, thus, the park is more lively those days.

Combined admission tickets are the best choice if you’re going to spend several days in the area and you want to get the most out of your vacation. These packages combine your visit to Aqualandia with other theme parks and they are the best option for those who really want to have a great time. Without a doubt, these are the ideal admission tickets to be able to disconnect for a few days and venture into different and wonderful worlds: getting to know the animals at Mundomar and releasing even more adrenaline in Terra Mítica, in addition to the adrenaline rush you had at Aqualandia.

You can also find family admission ticket packages. These are very useful if you and your family want to come to the park all together. We have two types of family admission packages: the ‘family of four’ package, which allows 2 adults and 2 children to enter the park or the ‘family of three’ package, which admits two adults and one child. What we really want is for everyone, no matter their age, to have a wonderful day at Aqualandia.

If, on the other hand, you decide to leave your family at home and come with your friends to spend a day with us, you can also choose the “Super Friends” admission ticket package, which provides valid admission tickets for one day for groups of a minimum of 5 individuals – it doesn’t matter if they are adults or children. This is an ideal option if you and your friends are planning on visiting us.

As you can see, there is a great variety of admission ticket packages at Aqualandia so that you can enjoy our attractions and services no matter what your age is and who you come with… because the only thing that matters to us is for your day to be full of fun and relaxation. Don’t delay!  Check our website to see the type of admission ticket that most interests you and have a fun-filled day with your friends and family.