Amusement parks, theme parks, and water parks –such as Aqualandia– thrive on fun, good vibes, and adrenaline.

Adrenaline is often linked to risk; thus, visitors often wonder what safety measures and standards exist when rides are built, and they know that it is very important for safety guidelines to be followed.

We must keep in mind that amusement parks are not like fairs that are assembled and disassembled to move about from place to place. At amusement parks, once the rides arrive, they are assigned to a particular place where they will remain there until they are taken out of service. Attractions are fully monitored from the time that they leave the factory to the time of their full assembly, with their respective inspections throughout the installation process.

Safety is essential, and at Aqualandia it is something that we take very seriously.  After all, we’ve already told you many times about the thorough maintenance and testing that each of our attractions undergoes. Every day we inspect our attractions so as to ensure their proper operation. Any time that our technicians detect any type of problem, the ride is shut down until a fix is found.

To further ensure safety, we also require a minimum height on some of our attractions. For that reason, sometimes you can find measuring devices at the entrance of our rides – especially at the entrance of our more radical rides. Bodies that are taller are more resistant and, thus, they better withstand high speeds. These measures are taken so as not to put the safety of our visitors at risk, just as it is recommended for those who suffer from health problems to not go on the most impactful, adrenaline-filled attractions.

At Aqualandia, we have three attraction types: those that are for children, those that are more moderate, and those that are more extreme and designed for adrenaline junkies. Many of those rides do not require a minimum height as they are safe for all users.

The attractions for children are especially designed for the little ones; but there are some that adults can also go on as well, such as the Geyser, the Amazon, the Mini Zig-Zag, and many more.  For some of our rides, children who are less than 1.20 meters tall must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times to avoid risks.

The moderate attractions are for those who like to have fun and feel adrenaline without being quite as extreme as the radical rides. For your safety, you must know how to swim and many of these rides require a minimum height of 1.20 or 1.25 meters, such as the Zig-Zag, the Rapids, the Splash, the Smooth Slides, and a few others that you can enjoy.

Lastly, we have the radical rides for those in search of risk. As these are the highest and fastest attractions, the rider’s height comes more into play. The Big Bang has four slides: the orange one and the green one require a minimum height of 1.20 meters while the yellow one and the blue one require a height of 1.25 meters. Nevertheless, the Verti-Go, which is considered the highest slide in Europe and the highest capsule slide in the world, requires a greater height because a speed of 100 km/h is reached in the fall. Therefore, this attraction is where most height is required: 1.40 meters.

At Aqualandia, we take into account all necessary safety measures. We know that sometimes height can condition fun, but remind everyone that resistance is determined by volume and safety always comes before fun.  Thus, we recommend that if you go to an amusement park, whether it be a theme park or a water park, you should always ensure that the utmost safety standards are followed by the park’s owners. So, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Aqualandia if what you’re looking for is fun, good vibes, adrenaline, and safety. We’ll be waiting for you in the coming months!