Afraid of Intense Rides? Here are Some Tips

Afraid of Intense Rides? Here are Some Tips



Afraid of Intense Rides? Here are Some Tips

By Communications Department

Intense rides –those with greater heights, slopes, and risks– cause mixed feelings in people.

For some people, these types of attractions bring about a feeling of terrible fear; for others, they are totally addictive… and there are even some who consider them as just another ride, without giving them any more thought.

We love that there are people addicted to going on the Verti-Go, not able to stop going down one of our two slides, which measure 33 and 42 meters in height, again and again. Those people who would wait in any queue to be able to experience the gravitational acceleration of more than 100 kilometers per hour produced by our star attraction. Thanks to all of you who are hardcore fans and need that dose of adrenaline that provides for 100% fun on your unforgettable day with us.

Having said that, we understand that not everyone is the same and not everyone likes that kind of radical ride.  So, for those who prefer something a little less extreme, we have other more attractions rides where fun is guaranteed with your family and friends: the Smooth Slides, the Zig-Zag, the Rapids, the Splash, the Niagara, the Black Hole, and the Grand Jacuzzi Iguazu. Without a doubt, they are the most famous amongst our visitors.

Nevertheless, every year we see that many of you are among those who enjoy strong emotions, yet some of the more radical rides may command your respect or even scare you a bit. You come, you ask about them, and sometimes you decide to go for it and sometimes you don’t. Our lifeguards and the park staff will always be available to advise you and answer your questions, and you should be the one who decides whether you go down one of our extreme rides or not: the Verti-Go and the Big Bang.

If you’re thinking about it and you just need a little ‘nudge,’ we’ll give it to you now… but in digital format, with a number of tips that you can follow to overcome that fear and to become a bit more sure.

The first thing you have to do is analyze where that fear of the attraction you have comes from; it can be due to a fear of heights, vertigo, a fear of something going wrong, of a piece of the ride breaking, of landing in the pool incorrectly, etc.

If you have a fear of heights or vertigo, we can’t help you much, but you can go to the doctor and get help.  Many times, this fear is something that passes with time and with the appropriate psychological treatment.

For those who worry about the attraction’s safety or about landing incorrectly in the pool, we hope that what we’re about to tell you is able to help. First of all, as you know, all the attractions at Aqualandia have gone through the most rigorous safety inspections and they are checked daily by our staff. A ride is never started up until we verify that it is in perfect condition. In addition, our lifeguards are available at every attraction to answer any questions you may have about the operation, safety, etc. of the ride.  When it’s time for you to go down, they will give you the directions and guidance you need, and if you follow those directions you have nothing to worry about… you’ll land in the pool perfectly and nothing will happen to you.

Another of our tips is for you not to go straight to the extreme attractions if you are afraid. It’s good to do things progressively – once the moderate rides are easy for you, jump on the Big-Bang and then leave Verti-Go for the end.

Facing your fears with others will always be better. You will be able to take a look at the rides with someone you trust, and if it’s someone who has gone on the rides before, that’s even better… they’ll always make you feel safer and more sure.

And finally, and most importantly: if you decide not to do it, no problem. It’s good to overcome fears and there are unique attractions that are worth a try at Aqualandia, but we are all different and we each have different worries and fears, that’s no problem. If you decide not to go on one of our rides, you’ll be able to choose another.  The important thing is to have an unforgettable day at the park.



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