If your friends and you still have the urge for fun, or you are the type who likes to take their vacation in September, Aqualandia cannot be missed on your list of things to do.

Enjoying a summer day in our park is an idea that always sounds good and that has multiple advantages compared to other activities that can be done in the hot months. And, if you are not quite convinced, here are some of the advantages of enjoying a day at a water park to help you see what we mean. Surely after you read this, you’ll want to come and visit us right away!

In the first place, there is no greater advantage than that of being able to enjoy numerous water attractions.  That is the key to any water park: being able to choose between absolute tranquility and relaxation or, on the contrary, non-stop adrenaline and strong emotions. And the fact of the matter is that there are not many places where you can have fun going down a slide as high as the thirteenth floor of a building and, without leaving the park, likewise enjoy a swimming pool with relaxing waves as if you were on the beach.

Another advantage worth noting is that spending a day at a water park is an ideal activity that is something different you can do in the summer with your family or your friends. No matter who you come with, what’s important is that you can come with whoever you want and beat the hottest days of your September holidays surrounded by the best of company.

And, speaking of hot days, the advantage that makes a water park stand out when compared with normal summer activities is the water. Who wouldn’t want to keep cool while spending a whole day outdoors?  Nobody!  Don’t forget that, at our water park, you can enjoy a summer day without worrying about the heat as you’ll continuously be splashing about. You won’t want to get out of the water!

Another of the benefits that come with planning a day at a water park like Aqualandia is the possibility to choose from several types of admission tickets or ticket packages depending on whether you come with your family or your friends, and also depending on the schedule you choose. And that’s not all – you’ll even be able to include, with your ticket, the option of staying at hotels near the park. You have no excuse: all the amenities are at your disposal!

It’s not only worth mentioning the attractions but also the other services that water parks usually have and that you won’t find anywhere else. Restaurants, rest areas, picnic areas, shows, convenient parking, etc… a great day!

And, in the case of Aqualandia, we have a very special advantage to add to our long list of facilities at the disposal of our guests… and that is that we have a privileged location with views of the coast of Benidorm – a city that nobody should pass up.

And you… do you feel up to visiting Aqualandia? Don’t delay and enjoy your September holidays with our attractions and services. It’s a great plan that you can’t miss out on!