It will still be a while before the winter leaves us, and the cold weather will continue to be present in our lives for a while longer; but, the spring and the summer are getting nearer and nearer and we’re starting to plan everything we’ll do when the heavy coats come off.

Leisure and travel quickly come to our minds: traveling somewhere that we’ve never been to, getting away to the beach with friends or family, and filling all our vacation time with fun activities.

If you’re already starting to dream about the good weather, you can’t forget to add one name to your list of plans: Aqualandia. It’s a unique place that you can’t pass up. Why? Well, for many reasons… but especially for these 10:

  1. It’s Spain’s oldest water park. That’s right, we are honored to be pioneers in our country in terms of water leisure. Our experience of over 30 years has made us a leader in the sector. We’re amongst those who know most about bringing together fun and water. We are sure that we won’t let you down.
  2. Twenty unique attractions. Twenty attractions that you can enjoy alone or with company – all located near green areas. It’s a unique place where there isn’t time for boredom. Wouldn’t you like to try all of the rides?
  3. Benidorm – a sunny, touristic paradise. If you’re from the area, you already know; but, if you’re visiting us from a little farther off, we want you to know that we’re located in one of the most privileged environments of Spain: Benidorm. It’s a city where the sun is present all year round with a temperate climate that allows for swimming from early on in the spring. An environment which has both the sea and mountains – a city that is tourism oriented with thousands of services for you to be able to have your best vacation ever.
  4. Something for the whole family. Aqualandia is designed for all the family to be able to have fun. Yong and old, daring or lovers of relaxation – there is something for everyone at our park. You can see different routes that have been specially designed for different types of visitors at this link: 
  5. Verti–Go, the highest capsule slide in the world. That’s right, we have the highest capsule slide in the world. Verti–Go is 33 meters high, it sits atop a tower with 250 steps, and when you go down, your gravitational acceleration surpasses 100 km/hour. Do you dare try it? 
  6. Safety first. Safety is of utmost importance for Aqualandia; therefore, we have a great team of lifeguards and nurses who ensure everyone’s safety and who are there to help in the event of an accident.  
  7. A vast array of restaurant options. When you visit Aqualandia, you won’t have to worry about anything – not even about what you’re going to eat. We have a wide range of restaurant options, with bars and restaurants for all tastes and needs. Are you eating with us?  
  8. The best online deals. Who said that admissions tickets to water parks are expensive? Aqualandia has the best online deals with options for all ages and for individuals and groups. Find yours today.
  9. Package tickets. Aqualandia is not just a water park; it’s part of a group of parks which are all located in Benidorm and which are a great recreational option for all ages.  Said group of parks includes, in addition to Aqualandia, an animal park and an amusement park. Aqualandia, Mundomar, and Terra Mítica offer package tickets so that visiting two or three parks is a lot more affordable.
  10. What’s better than water and fun? Nothing! We have water, we have games, we have a one-off group of staff members. What else do you need? We are sure that you will never forget your time at Aqualandia. Our goal is to see you having fun. Wouldn’t you like to be with us?