Infantile Attraction

Trampolines, rings, catwalks, zip lines, nets. Test yourself. An ideal attraction for the most athletic!


It is mandatory to follow, at all times, the rules for the use of the attraction and the instructions of the personnel of the lifeguard department.

It is essential to know how to swim to use the attraction.

Those who do not know how to swim will only be able to use the outside part of the lagoon, excluding the children’s area, which will be used only by small children.

The criterion of use of this attraction will depend on the physical characteristics of the child that will be evaluated according to the criteria of the responsible personnel present in the attraction.

Children must be accompanied by an adult and especially children under six years.

Adults will not be able to use the children’s games. It is forbidden to climb the slides.

The floats of the pool can only be used in the pool of the children’s area.

For the ramps and tubes the person will remain lying on the back or sitting always with the legs forward.

The zip line can only be used by those who can access it and who have the strength to push the car.

The rings will be used individually.

It is forbidden to jump headlong into the whole attraction, except in the jumping area.

The reception pool should be abandoned as soon as possible, and always for its corresponding place.

You can not stay in it longer than necessary to leave.

The attraction can not be accessed with any type of glasses (sun, eyesight or diving), footwear, denim garments or electronic devices.

It is forbidden to run in all facilities.

If you have any health limitation that disables you or is under the influence of alcohol / narcotics you can not access the attraction.

It is advisable to shower before making use of the attraction.

Please be respectful with the rest of the visitors.

In order to avoid possible losses, it is recommended not to carry any valuables while using the attraction.

Keep an eye on the children that accompany you at all times.

If you have any questions about the use of the attraction, check with the staff present.



To know how to swim.


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